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Legislative Update

July 12, 2023 12:29 PM | Gary Hall (Administrator)

The Legislature finished the FY 23/24 budget on June 28 th . This budget is the largest in the state’s history at $81.7 billion dollars. There are several one-time funded projects in the budget which may require further revenue in the upcoming years. There were also several additions to the School Aid budget including raising per pupil funding. The main two budget issues that are important to RPOA-M are the $50 million increase for the Michigan Housing and Community Development Program and the $2 million dollar increase for the State Land Bank Authority. The Michigan Housing and Community Development Program was created to generate more affordable housing and revitalize downtown areas. The majority of those new funds will be going to a grant program for pre-weatherization and home repairs.

Through the months of July and August the Legislature is scheduled for six days total of actual session and days for potential committee hearings. Historically, any days scheduled in the summer are very light on business. The majority of members will be spending time in their districts working directly with their constituency. They will be back with a regular session schedule after Labor Day. As a result, Lansing will be relatively quiet the next several weeks.

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